I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected


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“What lights me up is empowering other people”!
To inspire others to take their health seriously and to empower them with the tools to know how.

My Personal Mission Statement: To inspire others to take their health seriously and to empower them with the tools to know how. I am following my passion to know and understand the human body on a multitude of levels and to witness the healing that is possible when honoring that innate strength. I am here to help facilitate and support when needed and to serve as a reminder that you have within in you the ability to heal. I work with people who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives increasing health and happiness. My focus is positivity and looking at what is going right in each patient’s life. I bring more than 20 years of experience in the health field. If you choose to work with me, together we will: - Discover what your larger goals are -Bring awareness to where you are now -Create an action plan that is realistic and easy to follow - Provide accountability for each step along the way and celebrate the accomplishments -Give encouragement in a positive and helpful manner -Create community for greater success -Ultimately improve your health and happiness! I am a cheerleader for holistic health and wellness! I will stick by your side and help you reach your goals and beyond. “What lights me up is empowering other people”! ~Dr. Kerry Lilley In my life I have completed several marathons and ridden my bikes thousands of miles. I did not do that all at once. I got a coach. We started from where I was, which was no experience, and together we created a schedule. I started out a few miles at a time. I had to learn to increase slowly. I also had to understand nutrition and nourishment from a new perspective. I tried out different products on my training runs and rides so that during the larger events my body was already adapted. Trial and error. In the end I have had great success with riding 100 miles per day for up to seven days on my bike and running or walking 26.2 miles. My recovery was also more pleasant because I was properly trained and prepared. It is my goal to properly prepare you for a new way of being in your body and in the world regardless of what your end goal is. For some that will be getting the children dressed and fed when everyone has a totally different schedule and others will want to feed their family healthy meals on a budget. Together we can make it all work.



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